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What’s in a name?

People, planet, prosperity, and process. Those four P’s were the inspiration for the company name “Quattor P”. Why? Because we believe you will get the best results if you find the right balance between those P’s. If you want to improve one of them, you cannot forget about the others. That is why we always look at the bigger picture.

Love for the industry

Quattor P started with a fascination for the maritime and offshore industries. Our co-founder, Jan-Hendrik, grew up in the world of shipping and soon fell in love with the sea. Karen, our other co-founder, found that love later on in life while she was studying Sociology and Offshore Engineering. The technical and social complexity of work on ships and rigs intrigued her. Years later that fascination is still at the heart of everything we do.

Exceeding expectations

Our specialized business solutions help you navigate an increasingly complex and regulated world. We combine a human-centered approach with extensive knowledge and an eye for detail to make sure you will achieve the best results possible.

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Meet our team

Karen van Vliet


Irene Kingma

design researcher and concept developer

Patrick Heemskerk

legal & finance

Isabelle Jacobs

performance consultant

Suzanne Cobben


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