Business processes

Is it time to update your processes? We can help you (re)design them. With our human-centered approach we streamline your processes, reduce risk, and develop a more sustainable operation.

(Re)designing your processes

Before we focus on the process we first look for the answers to these key questions:

  • Which goals are you trying to achieve? 
  • What do your clients need?
  • Which people are involved in your processes? 
  • What is important to them?

We do this by gathering information from everyone involved. From management on down to the people working on the ship, on the platform, or in the port. With this information we streamline your processes, reduce risk, and develop a more sustainable operation.

Optimizing your current processes

Do you believe your current processes could run smoother?
For example:

Is one of your departments not delivering satisfactory results?
Do any of your departments have trouble communicating?
– Have you lost structure after years of growth and change?

We can help you track down bottlenecks, bring back structure, and create clarity for everyone involved.

Implementing your processes

If you (re)design or optimize your processes you will enter a period of change. That can be quite a challenge. How do you make sure the changes are implemented without increasing risk? How do you prevent resistance from employees? We can lead your organization through this change.

Risk management process

The maritime and offshore industries deal with high risk. Therefore, safety plays a big role in everything you do. We can help you implement the processes needed to manage your risk. We create integral risk management frameworks which are incorporated into every part of the organization – from top to bottom. We can also (re)design part of this framework by focusing on corporate risk processes or more operational risk management processes, such as ‘Lock-out, Tag-out’, Permit to Work, or the HAZID process.

Joint ventures

Each organization has its own culture and processes. Starting a joint venture, and combining the DNA of multiple organizations, can be quite a challenge. We often see unclarity about responsibilities, a lack of structure, and clashing cultures. We can prevent these common problems by assisting you right from the start. Are you already further along in the process and do you need help to get things back on track? Of course we can help with that too.

Why clients come to us

By making sure we understand the needs of every stakeholder, we create smoother, more sustainable processes

We don’t just think about the processes, but also about the people who need to work with them.

We speak your language

We understand the industry

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