Management systems

Do your (potential) clients require certifications you don’t have (yet)? Would you like to take your business to a higher level? Could your processes be more efficient and effective? We design, upgrade, and implement management systems which are fully tailored to your needs.
We can help you get certified for a wide variety of norms and standards, of which the most common are ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and the ISM code.

Designing a management system that works

We know every organization has its own specific processes, requirements, and culture. That is why we don’t just write a generic plan and simply wish you ‘good luck.’ We want to make sure the management system really works for your specific situation. To get a good image of the: needs, requirements, and current bottlenecks, we will first talk to the people in your organization – everyone from management to operational personnel. With this understanding of the organizational context, we can start designing from a user perspective. We create a robust, intuitive, and flexible management system that works seamlessly with your current systems and business processes.

Updating your current management system

Is your management system already up and running, but do some parts need an update? We can (re)design part of a management system.
For example:

– Continual improvement (i.a. Lessons Learned)
– Risk management (e.g. complete framework or separate procedures, such as ‘Lock-Out, Tag-Out’, or ‘Permit to Work’)
– Process design (e.g. Operational Procedures)

Achieving your business goals

Whether you want to increase your revenue, reduce risk, attract more clients, or something totally different – your management system should help you achieve your goals. That is why we make sure the management system is integrated into your overall business strategy.

Implementing the management system

We will teach people what the system looks like, where they can find it, what is expected of them, and what they can expect from the system. The implementation needs to happen with tact and care. Here we have an advantage, since we have already involved everyone in the design phase.

Why clients come to us

Our systems are designed with a user-centered approach

We create efficient and effective management systems

We understand the legislation

We keep the administrative burden as low as possible

We have a thorough knowledge of common standards

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