Increasing team performance

Did you know that the vast majority of teams stay well below their potential with the performance they deliver? By focusing on both the team ánd the project, we help you to increase the efficiency and effectivity of your team. Our training sessions will help you to get successful outcomes on your projects.

A team with common goals aligns efforts and skills to achieve desired results. Common goals, and leaders that act upon those and the values that lie behind, lead to employees that feel valued, trusted, and respected. The employees are committed to the project, and act accordingly. Increasing team performance results in cost reduction, the engagement of employees, and the increase of productivity.

Increasing team performance

How do you ensure that your team commits to the same goal? And that they cooperate instead of working as a group of individuals? A team with common goals aligns efforts and skills to achieve desired results. Gains are:

  • More committed team members are more productive than others;
  • Engaged employees are less likely to leave the project or organisation;
  • Project results are easier achieved.

With our online training we help teams to define a common perspective, and consensus on the behavior that is considered appropriate and functional to reach the common (project) goal. In two hours we will help you and your team to create a solid fundament to continue working from.

Enhancing project results involving team performance and project complexity

Starting a project with a new team, forming a Joint Venture, or the beginning of a major change within your organisation, demands excellent teamwork. When people just start working together, they might have different working methods, backgrounds and experiences, and goals. Aligning goals ánd mutual expectations, provides a firm foundation for efficient and effective cooperation. The roles and behavior necessary to get the job done successfully is determined.

Furthermore, insight is gained in the complexities of the project that is to be conducted, and strategies to work with that complexities are determined. Our workshop, consisting of three sessions, will focus on the teaming, project complexity, and working out a strategy to improve the performance of the project. To anchor this strategy a roadmap will be drafted during the last session. This can be used for referential purposes during the project as well as an introduction for new team members.

After the workshop:

  • Team performance will be enhanced, ensuring that team performance will transcend the sum of individual performances; • Efficiency and effectivity of the team is increased;
  • Increased project results will follow;
  • Team members are engaged, and committed to common goals.

Why clients come to us

We use Olympic coaching experience to get your team to their best performance

Combined understanding of the requirements your team should meet, the environment they operate in, and how team performance can be increased

Our in-house knowledge of sociology and coaching gets teams easily up to speed

Understanding of the technical environment

We understand the synergy between team culture and individual motivation, and use this to from an integrated approach to performance management

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