Safety culture & awareness

Safety culture and awareness are of great importance – especially in high-risk environments in offshore and maritime industries. We can help you by designing and implementing safety programs.

Designing safety programs

We create safety programs which are fully tailored to your needs. By talking to people in all parts of your organization, we make sure we have a clear image of your culture, goals, activities, and potential risks.

After we have established the areas where there is room for improvement, we start designing. We use science-based methods, knowledge of sociological processes, and knowledge of the industry to create solutions that work. The result is a sustainable, flexible system that can keep evolving over time.

Implementing safety programs

Of course we also help you implement the safety program. But since people were involved from the start, getting commitment will be much easier. Is the program up and running? It does not stop there. We believe a safety program should keep evolving. Management, office personnel, and site personnel/crew should all continue to feed the program with their insights and knowledge.


Would you like to improve your knowledge on safety culture and awareness? We offer customized training designed specifically for your organization. Because safety starts with (top) management, we offer training to both (top) management, operational personnel, and everyone in between. By using real-life cases we make sure participants can immediately put everything they have learned into practice.

Interested in training? We are happy to discuss the possibilities.

Why clients come to us

We have extensive knowledge of maritime and offshore industries

We translate scientific knowledge into practical solutions

We speak your language

We create dynamic systems that grow with your organization

Our knowledge of sociology helps us understand and influence the way people think, cooperate, and even the way they feel

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