About Irene Kingma

design researcher and concept developer

Irene Kingma

design researcher and concept developer

Excels in
Understanding the change a situation asks for (through user research and literature research) and designing interventions that bring about this desired change (by research through design).

What she loves most about his work

  • Inventing new and improved ways to create a work environment in which people feel safe and empowered
  • Iterating on and perfecting interventions with a critical eye until they reach the desired effect
  • Witnessing the effect that our interventions have on people

Thanks to her background in industrial design engineering and her masters in Design for Interaction, Irene has vast knowledge with regards to user research and design methods. More specifically, her experience lies in human centred design, designing for behaviour change and culture sensitive design. 

Some of the projects she has worked on

  • Guiding the development of a serious game to support operational personnel in speaking up about unsafe situations
  • Developing an intervention enabling companies to invent and incorporate rituals to improve their safety culture