About Suzanne Cobben


Suzanne Cobben


Excels in
Translating information into graphics and visuals for better understanding.

What she loves most about her work
Using her design skills to ensure that knowledge is even better transferred and understood.

Suzanne has a background in industrial design engineering where she both learned to translate ideas into products, as well as how to visually display information in such manner that it was easily understood by the spectator.
Triggered by projects in which she has encountered that people’s behavior is not easily steered upon, especially by rules, she has decided that design may help to influence people’s behavior.

Together with the awareness that no person is the same – after high school, during her studies, and after her studies, she has travelled a lot around the world, in which she has experienced a lot of different cultures – she is always looking for better and enhanced ways to use design to the most in developing tools for improving businesses.

Some of the projects she has worked on:

  •  Designing training on team development