About Karen van Vliet


Karen van Vliet


Excels in
Analyzing complex situations and developing human-centered solutions.

What she loves most about her work
– The interaction with the people we work for, both on board the ships and in the office.
– Building bridges between people.
– Bringing together and using the expertise of different people to design optimal processes. She believes in synergy.

Karen studied Civil Engineering, Offshore Engineering, and Sociology. She then decided to combine everything she learned in her profession. Because of this background she understands technical environments, approaches situations from a highly analytical perspective, and combines all of that into human-centered solutions.

At the moment she is working on a PhD in safety awareness and safety culture.

Some of the projects she has worked on:

  • Leading the research into the effects of watchkeeping schedules on the workload of offshore operators
  • Developing training sessions on management of change and safety awareness
  • Process management within Joint Ventures and project teams
  • Developing and implementing management systems
  • Developing a safety awareness campaign for a company with a fleet of over 60 vessels