Case: Leading a risk assessment for The Port of Rotterdam

(Source: Port of Rotterdam)

The challenge

On June 23rd 2018, a serious incident occurred in the Port of Rotterdam (3rd PET). On her way to the assigned berth for loading, the m.v. Bow Jubail made contact with a jetty, resulting in a significant loss of oil from one of the bunker tanks. An extensive clean-up operation was needed to bring the harbor, vessels, and marine life back to normal. Among other assets and equipment, various oil spill response vessels, and a washing facility, were used.

The Dutch Authorities, the vessel manager, and several other parties conducted investigations to reveal the root cause(s) of the incident. There was also an important question the Port of Rotterdam wanted answered: could such an incident occur again here or elsewhere? To be able to answer this question, the Port of Rotterdam took the initiative to plan a risk assessment session focusing on similar characteristics and/or reasons that could lead to an incident such as the one involving the m.v. Bow Jubail.

How Quattor P helped

We have a lot of knowledge of risk management and are familiar with the stakeholders and their activities in the port of Rotterdam. That is why Quattor P was asked by the Port of Rotterdam to take the lead in the preparation and facilitation of this risk assessment. Several people were invited to join this risk assessment at the Port of Rotterdam office. The participants came from different organizations and had different types of knowledge and expertise regarding nautical operations and port-infrastructure.

We structured the risk assessment using the Bow Tie metaphor. We addressed actors, factors, and risk controls, with the m.v. Bow Jubail incident in mind. We also identified three categories of possible causes. These categories were: the ship, the maneuvering and assistance, and the infrastructure. This all led to open and enthusiastic conversations on how to prevent incidents with similar characteristics. The question of guilt, as well as the assessment of the mitigation measures taken after the incident occurred, were outside the scope of this risk assessment.

We enjoyed bringing expertise together, and facilitating the learning process. Different perspectives, backgrounds, knowledge, and experience together lead to rich discussions and valuable outcomes.- Quattor P -

The result

We condensed the insights gained into a comprehensive report containing a set of recommendations for further analysis. This allows for future reflection of those valuable conversations. These insights have contributed to the joint learning process of all members of the greater business community of the port of Rotterdam.

Very valuable to have the opportunity to learn from each other.- project participant -