Case: Enhancing team performance for an interdisciplinary team for Boskalis

The challenge

The Baltic Pipe Project enables the transmission of gas from Norway to Poland. Boskalis was awarded the contract for the Lillebælt crossing to connect the onshore pipelines on Jutland and Funen by fabricating and installing a 4km offshore pipeline. The complexity of the project was found in the large variety of specializations that needed to work together, such as; dredging activities, installation activities both on- and offshore, fabrication of the pipeline on the installation location of the pipeline.

Due to the large variety of knowledge that was needed in the project, they wanted to focus more on team performance, given the major challenges this project presented.

How Quattor P helped

Quattor P has developed a series of workshops that focus on team dynamics and the different phases that one goes through as a team during the project. Furthermore, attention was given to the concept of culture.

Various subjects were covered in the series of workshops;

  • Type of team and leadership style that the project does require;
  • How teams are formed and how is that shown during the project;
  • Pitfalls of teaming, such as groupthink and ‘we vs. them’;
  • Understanding culture;
    • National, organisational and safety culture;
    • How do they interrelate / affect each other;

One of the workshops was dedicated to project complexity. By using a dedicated tool, the team was able to examine the complexity they encountered in the project. The complexity was defined in three areas;

  • Technical;
  • Environmental;
  • Organisational.

By understanding and discussing the aspects that led to increasing complexity, and the team could develop a strategy on how to work with these in the project.

By giving several workshops during the project, it was possible to respond to the dynamics and associated aspects of the team at that time.

This helped the team to better work together, build more trust, and to increase the quality. The team performance was enhanced.

It provided a lot of insight in how teams work and what we could expect over the time. It helped to gain and build trust throughout the team members, and I am sure it helped by completing the project on budget and in time.Project team member

The result

The workshops resulted in a motivated team, that understood that there are different stages in the teaming to be found. It helped the team members to build trust, better work together, and to increase the quality of the work. They used this knowledge to increase the performance of the team as a whole.

Despite the difficulties of COVID19, the project was ultimately completed within budget and on time.