About Michiel van Leer

QHSE specialist/manager

Michiel van Leer

QHSE specialist/manager

Excels in
Thinking about processes whilst keeping the business in mind, speaking the language of both the workshop-floor and the boardroom, and building relationships.

What he loves most about his work
It’s a cliché but Michiel likes the fact that every day is different.

He could be training people, developing a new training, developing new procedures, optimizing processes, facilitating risk management processes, dealing with clients, or even investigating incidents or accidents. QHSE is a very diverse field with a strong human element. He loves that he can make an impact on a daily basis.

Michiel studied International Business and Management in Rotterdam with a specialization in Logistics. While studying he was asked to apply for a position at the Dutch Pilot organization as a QHSE-advisor. His first step into the field of QHSE and shipping. A challenging time where he helped design and build the new High Speed Tenders and Pilot Station Vessels. After 4 years, it was time to shift to more commercially driven organizations like KOTUG and ALP Maritime – both tug-boat operators – working in ports, terminals, and offshore. He grew into the world of Oil & Gas, with its high standards, but moreover the companies grew themselves. With his business and QHSE background he was able to help build agile and robust organizations.  After a sabbatical of 12 months, he started his own company and teamed-up with Quattor P.

Some of the projects he worked on

  • Interim management at Bluestream Offshore: redesigning their management system and the QHSE-department.
  • Project QHSE-support at Decom Topside: preparations by Rope Access for the Ninian North Platform.
  • Process and Organization Optimization Project.