About Jan-Hendrik Hensen


Jan-Hendrik Hensen


Excels in
Using a detailed and critical eye, needed for smooth processes.  

What he loves most about his work

  • Bringing people together and learning from each other’s point of view.
  • Creating a work environment in which people feel safe and appreciated.  

Jan-Hendrik successfully completed studies in Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng.) and further courses on Quality and Safety Management (e.g. Postgraduate of Prevention Advisor Level 1, University of Antwerp) as well as Export Marketing and Management and Crisis Management. 

Jan-Hendrik is an expert in the fields of management systems and marine legislation. He has a wide range of experience in building businesses, especially for companies operating in towing, marine heavy-transport, pipe laying, shipping, decommissioning, offshore construction, and the renewable industry.

Some of the projects he has worked on

  • Merging activities of individual companies to jointly execute an international offshore construction project.
  • Redesigning and implementing complete integrated management systems.
  • Guiding companies to a higher level of performance.
  • Designing a new regulatory compliance process related to marine transport of FPSO’s with semi-submersible vessels.