Quattor P has different types of services with which it can contribute to your organization.

Training & Coaching

We provide different trainings which are developed in-house and based upon our experience. The trainings will all provide a solid (theoretical) background, but will use real-life case to provide a practical grip to ensure that you are prepared to use all obtained knowledge yourself.

  • Risk management training
  • Incident investigation training

Besides various types of training, we provide (individual) coaching as well in order for your QHSE, risk management, and organisational decision making personnel perform to their fullest.

Would you like to have some more information on our training or coaching? Please contact us.


QHSE Support

Quattor P has various options to support you in your projects with respect to all kinds of QHSE related matters.

  • Tender support
  • Project documentation, such as QHSE management plans, risk assessments, and Emergency Response Plans
  • Audits – internal or for your subcontractors

 Is there any other question you have, please contact us in order to see whether we can help you with this.


Management systems

We can develop and maintain your management systems, and we can get them certified. For example for ISO9001, ISO14001 or ISO18001.


Safety awareness and safety culture

Would you have any questions about safety awareness in your organization, please contact us in order to find out whether we can help you.