Quattor P published a chapter in the third edition of ‘Tug use in Port’.

In late June the third edition of ‘Tug use in Port’ was published at the ITS in Marseille. This book is considered a standard work in the design and operations of tugs. Quattor P has provided input for this book by writing a chapter about safety.

As causes of accidents often can be found in the way a company is organised, work is prepared, and changes are managed, the chapter ‘Balancing Safety’ details the importance of risk management within organizations, together with a set of risk assessment tools.

This chapter also elaborates on safety management system as this is mandatory for vessels that need to comply with the ISM-Code or Subchapter M under the Code of Federal Regulations. Also the way in which companies can benefit from having safety management system is described.

For further information on these topics, or about the training and consultancy services provided by us  on risk management within your organization, please contact us.

The book ‘Tug use in Port’ is recognized throughout the industry as the standard reference on tugs and tug operations in the broadest sense and is known as the ‘tug bible’. Copies of the book can be ordered here (Price € 45,-).