About us

Jan-Hendrik Hensen‘s career was born out of his interest in the interrelation between people, the environment in which people work and the way their work is managed. His view on work processes is that planned activities shall lead to the desired outcome, both on the short and longer term.

He successfully completed studies in Mechanical Engineering (BEng), and further courses on Quality and Safety Management (e.g. Postgraduate of Prevention Advisor Level 1, University of Antwerp) as well as Export Marketing and Management and Crisis Management.

Jan-Hendrik worked for Royal Dutch Airlines KLM, Veritas, KIWA, Allseas Engineering, Fairstar Heavy Transport and Red Box Energy where he held various technical and managerial positions in the fields of Health, Safety, Environmental management, Quality Assurance (HSE, QA) and Maritime Security.

From 2013 onward, Jan-Hendrik has worked as an international operating independent contractor providing specialist support on the fields of HSE, QA and Maritime Security. He provided support on heavy transport, renewable energy, shipping and safety consultancy.

While studying Civil Engineering (BSc. degree) at Delft University of Technology, Karen van Vliet was told by her professors and their assistants that Civil Engineering was everywhere – buildings, bridges, harbours, and so on -, and that with being a Civil Engineer one was serving society. However, it was never explained what or who or where this society was. This triggered her, and she wanted to find a way to learn more about this society.

That is the reason why she began studying Sociology as well – eventually specialising in Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies (MSc degree). It helped to understand how societies interact, how groups of people within societies interact, how national cultures influence organisational cultures, and many more aspects.

After her BSc. studies of Civil Engineering, Karen was still eager to learn more and wanted to extend her knowledge, and decided to take part in the MSc. curriculum of Offshore Engineering at same university. Being triggered by the knowledge obtained within her Sociology studies, she wanted to combine the two fields of expertise.

In the past years, Karen has been involved in various projects within various offshore and shipping companies, and engineering firms in which she combined the two fields of knowledge. Amongst others, she has done research towards the effect of watchkeeping schedules on workload of offshore operators, developed and implemented management systems, developed internal training sessions, and developed a safety awareness campaign for a fleet of over 60 vessels.

The combination of having both an engineering and a sociological background ensures that Karen easily understands the technical environment the user deals with, that she approaches scenarios from a highly analytical perspective, and combines this information in human-centered solution.