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Quattor P

Quattor P stands for ‘four p’. And that is what our fundament is. People, planet, prosperity and process. That is what we focus on, and what we consider of importance in every project. We do firmly believe that with this fundament we can contribute. To your people. To our planet. To your prosperity. To your process. In order for you to perform onto perfection.

The four Ps serve as a red thread in our services, whether we help you to optimize your processes to get them certified, to provide QHSE support in your projects, or that we help you to increase your knowledge with one of our trainings. We always aim for the highest.

About us

Since 2015 Jan-Hendrik and Karen have worked together on several projects for various companies. With Quattor P they aim at providing a dynamic number of services focusing on training, coaching and helping organizations managing risks and optimizing processes. As Quattor P, they pride themselves in their personal involvement with their client, their in-depth knowledge and hands-on and effective advices.

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About us

Training, QHSE support, management systems, safety awareness, risk management


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